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Lasermach LFT 3th Generation Tube cutting LFTIII-3D-HD Serie
Heavy-Duty Series
tube cross-sectional shape Round tube, square tube, rectangular tube channel steel, angle steel
tube size range Round tube Φ10-Φ220mm
optional Φ350mm
Square tube □10 - □150mm
optional □240mm
Requirements for tubes 0.3mm-10mm
Maximum machinable tube length 6200mm (opt 8200mm)
Maximum tube weight max 220Kg/m -300kg(Φ350mm)
Maximum blanking length 3000mm
Shortest remaining material 40mm
Dimensions 13500mm×6500mm×2600mm
Machine weight 15000kg
Positioning accuracy 0.05mm
Repositioning accuracy 0.03mm
Max. Chuck rotating speed
X axis maximum speed ..
Y axis maximum speed ..
Z axis maximum speed 70m/min
X maximum acceleration 1.5G
Y maximum acceleration 1G
Precison on tube of:  
Φ20mm roundness ≤0.15mm
□20mm square diagonal size difference ≤0.20mm
□20mm square position size difference ≤0.15mm
Laser source Raycus/MAX/IPG
laser head Raytools/opt Precitec, WSX,..
Automatic focusing function of laser head incl
Multi-stage perforation Technology incl
smooth cutting technology incl
Anti-slag protection function of double cyclones incl